Unlocking Cost Efficiency and Streamlined Operations

Digitalizing paper documents eliminates costs such as printing, handling, and transportation of typically hundreds of pages amongst numerous parties for a single shipment of cargo. This will significantly reduce the costs of shipping.

XDC Trade Network brings distinct benefits to the corporates in cross-border trade.

  • Enabling legal validity of electronic trade documents
  • Increased efficiencies through certainty

Reduce the risk of fake documents/information, as sources will be immutably recorded. This removes the need for repetitive checks by the various parties to ascertain whether the documents received are legitimate.

  • Support for new service offerings through interoperability

Our solution works with the current ecosystem to enable various useful functionalities. We offer interoperability with various platforms bringing network effect.

Support the convergence of physical, financial, and document chains, making automation of key processes possible, e.g. automate payments or release of funds using smart contracts when conditions are met.

Leverage transparency and integrity of shipment events to lower some risks for cargo insurance where underwriters can reinvent the way cargo insurance premiums are priced, e.g. instead of static pricing, they can dynamically price the premium as cargo moves through its voyage, lowering the cost of shipping.

Create your trade document in any of the MLETR compliant solutions.

Please email us with your interest so that we can connect you with MLETR solution providers.